Monday, 27 July 2015

A Beginner's Guide to Internet Marketing

A Beginner's Guide to Internet Marketing, formerly published as Free Internet Marketing for Small Business, is an ebook full of practical tips for sole proprietors, home-based operators and small to medium enterprises.

It is a "must have" for anyone who is starting up a new business or trying to attract more clients/customers to an existing business.

Written in an easy to read and understand style, this ebook is an invaluable how-to manual with loads of illustrations and templates.

Kindle DXKindle Keyboard and Kindle Fire are all able to read the document in PDF format so all you have to do is transfer the PDF onto the Kindle device.

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"If you're feeling overwhelmed by what you need to do to get started with Internet marketing, this book can help! Fran West and Hilary Thompson have created an excellent road map to the main Internet marketing platforms, so you can see what's available, choose what's right for you, and get started on your Internet marketing journey."
Gihan Perera, author, presenter, consultant, rated #5 social media influencer in book publishing by Forbes magazine,
“I think your eBook will be most helpful to get all the Indie business owners out there started on internet marketing. It was all very clear and most importantly the links worked, making it easy to navigate. As an independent international publisher we already make use of some of your recommendations, but are pleased to know about all the others. We tend to cover just some of the ones you suggest because we are often just under overwhelm most of the time, what with all the other vital tasks that have to be covered. You make it easy for your readers to choose their own favourite tools and make an easy start on this most important activity.”

Robin Beck, Managing Director/Owner, Kima Global Publishers, Cape Town, South Africa,

“Well done ladies. Simple, clear and easy to read. Our company is in the midst of a marketing facelift … change in strategy, website, brochure … work in progress. It is strange how at times things we need fall into our lap … it really is a lot about timing! I needed to be pointed to read the Google+ Guides to Business.”

Michelle Bassanesi, Resource Broker, Chief Operations/Financial Officer, Event Services, Rome, Italy,

“There's a lot of excellent information in these pages. The internet and modern communications have advanced beyond all recognition in the last 10 years or so, and your book gives an excellent overview of the techniques for marketing a small business in the 21st Century. There are many free resources that can help to make the difference between success and failure as a small business starts out. I've never really got to grips with Pinterest or Vimeo, but your book led me to the relevant information in a click! As a result I'm getting some ideas about how I might incorporate them into my site.”

Jon Fryer, Proprietor, Coffee Berry, Sheffield, UK,

“This is an excellent resource that has been crying out to be written. My congratulations to the authors for their clear and detailed instructions that will appeal to the most nervous or unsure new business owners who wish to gain maximum exposure for their enterprises. You are led through the process by means of screen shots taken directly from the most relevant websites. Each stage has working links to the pertinent pages so the value of each practical suggestion can be checked immediately. Where there is cost involved for extra services from those sites, this is clearly pointed out, but you may never need the extras. When the authors say "free" they mean "free." I recommend this eBook without reservation.”

Penney Hughes, Special Education/Early Intervention Teacher, Adelaide, South Australia

Buy eBook for only $9.95 

“This book saved me hours of research time, and with the explanations of how sites work, it saved me even more time by trying to work out how to use them.”

Annie Waddington-Feather, Freelance Writer and Communications Consultant, Adelaide, South Australia,

“I have been waiting for a book like this for over 30 years, it debunks the myth that IT specialists are the only people who can teach us this medium. It is easy to follow and for a person like me it unlocks the mysteries of some of the software I have difficulty understanding how to use. Well done to the authors for such a great initiative, may I wish you all the success you deserve.”

Ken Wood, Interventionist, Optimist, Educator, Adelaide, South Australia,

“Free Internet Marketing for Small Business gives me practical information based on practical experience. Parted the waves for me through the ocean of free internet marketing opportunities deep enough to drown me - and which I couldn't spare the time to explore. Now I have my own easy-to-follow internet marketing bible. Thank you Fran and Hilary.”

Peter Nicholls, Australia's People Gardener - Growing Better People, Adelaide, South Australia,

“This is great! I can't believe how many great ideas are packed into this little e-book. It covers a wide range of internet promotion techniques and sites, and the screen shots show you exactly what to do. Even if you have never used the Internet to promote your business, this book gives you everything you need to make a start. Best of all, the authors walk their talk and talk their walk - you can easily adapt what they've done to suit your own needs.”

Shelley Dunstone, Innovation in Strategy, Adelaide, South Australia,

Buy eBook for only $9.95